Meet the team behind the project





Daria Bachmann is a journalist based in Nevada and co-director of "The Repository." She developed the idea for the documentary after writing extensively about Yucca Mountain. As part of the documentary, she interviewed numerous sources across the country, conducted deep research and shot some of the scenes and interviews. 


Anna Anderson is a New York-based documentary filmmaker and photographer. In 2014, she founded Like a Girl Productions, a production company aimed at providing female documentarians with a platform to create and distribute their work. She has since shot and edited two feature-length documentaries and a mini-series. Anna has a background in international business and marketing.







Crystal Grooms Mangano is a Los Angeles-based music composer who has worked in a wide variety of television and film projects. Her music can most recently be heard in the documentary “Asperger’s Are Us”, produced by Mark & Jay Duplass and directed by Alex Lehmann. Crystal also works as a music editor and music supervisor on several films and television shows.